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The Wisdom In Education Summit (WES) is a conference designed to bring together educators, teachers, leaders and education professionals to explore the future of learning.  

This year’s theme will focus on innovations in collaborative practices that enhance student learning.

Wisdom tells us that two minds are better than one. Education has started to embrace this idea through power of collective efficacy. Together teachers can achieve more, especially if they collectively believe that they can do so.

WES2020 explores, interrogates and showcases  how collective efficacy is being harnessed in  today's school environment.



The Wesley College Institute fosters active connections with partners such as universities, community organisations and philanthropic groups. It encourages a culture of learning, reflection and connection, to advance educational practice and contribute to community debate.

The Wesley College Institute for Innovation in Education is committed to fostering teacher professional development and its active interest in:

  • Exploring new frameworks for learning

  • Building sustainable cross-cultural relationships for learning

  • Transforming teaching and learning practices with technology

It strives to fulfil three important roles which will operate in synergy:

  • An observatory of excellence, monitoring world's best practice in education

  • A laboratory of innovation where ideas are generated, translated, implemented and evaluated

  • A conservatory of ideas, embodying the memory, heritage and identity of the college as a leader in educational innovation