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Collaborative learning is an educational approach which fosters deeper human connections between learners for meaningful problem solving. 

The WES2020 Program enables participants to choose their own pathway for an authentic conference experience:

  • Keynote speakers sessions inspire with  the ‘big ideas’ coming from the latest research in successful collaborative practice

  • Theory to Practice sessions deepen the underlying collaborative principles that are showcased in examples of concrete practice 

  • Critical encounters provide spaces for deeper reflection and the authentic exploration of values and beliefs that are the true sources of human action

  • Interactive Panel sessions invite participants to apply what they've learned in a fun, engaging way 



Here are 6 ways collaborative learning builds foundations for 21st Century learning:

Creates Meaning


When collaboration is authentic, the learning experience becomes meaningful and enjoyable.

It fosters a sense of trust and connection.


Expertise &



Mastering collaborative skills inspires curiousity and a genuine desire to work together. This fosters an environment for sharing data and feedback.


How Students Learn Best



When collaboration focuses on how students learn best, it drives toward a unified collective purpose.





When we see the goals of collaboration as part of our daily work as professionals, we embrace the benefits of stretching ourselves and taking on challenges. 





When we shift the focus from "my students" to "our students" we create a shared responsiblilty for the growth of every student in our collective care.




Good collaboration is at the core of effective leadership.


Critical questions we are exploring are:

  • Why is collaboration the most critical skill for the 21st Century?

  • What are the essential elements of a collaborative team?

  • How do we orient teachers  to a different way of learning?

  • What does it look like to build collaborative understanding in the classroom?

  • How do we encourage effective student collaboration? 

  • What is the relationship between a collaborative learning curriculum and other initiatives or best practices?

  • How can leaders create a culture of collaborative inquiry and innovation at our schools?

  • How do we culitvate a love of learning to be at the heart of our authentic collaborations?



This conference has been designed to not only to give you inspired learning from some of the world’s leading learning experts, but also to give you the theoretical knowledge and practical tools you can use in your everyday work.